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CivicSpeak: Your Voice Matters - Spring 2024 Session now available

CivicSpeak: Your Voice Matters - Spring 2024 Session now available

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Ignite your passion, reshape the future, and unleash your power to strengthen democracy.

What: This course empowers politically aware Canadians to make a positive impact by effectively engaging with their representatives, influencing policy decisions, and sparking meaningful change.

Why: In a time of uncertainty and change, active participation in democracy is crucial. Gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to make your voice heard and create a better future for all Canadians.

Course Description: This 4-week course is designed to empower citizens with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to communicate effectively with elected officials. Participants will understand the importance of civic engagement, learn strategies for effective communication, and gain hands-on experience to ensure their voices are heard.

Classes run online for 4 weeks as outlined below on Wednesdays from 6-7pm MST/8-9pm EST

Week 1: Understanding Civic Engagement 🏛️ - May 15

Explore the essence of civic engagement and its role in democracy, decode the different levels of government and their respective responsibilities.

Week 2: Crafting Your Message📝 – May 22

Examine the importance of clear communication and the power of stories and personal experiences. Craft messages that resonate using structure and facts.

Week 3: Effective Communication Channels 📞📱- May 29

Review the do’s and don’t for the various means of communication from traditional letters and phone calls to using more modern means like social media. Highlight the importance of active participation in community forums, like town halls and public forums, to amply your voice and concerns.

Week 4: Building Long-Term Relationships & Advocacy 📆 – June 19

Reflective discussion after two months on victories, lessons, and the path ahead. Discuss the strength of numbers and the importance of sustained relationships in the political arena to create a meaningful impact.

Weekly Commitment: Besides our immersive sessions, expect weekly assignment to ensure practical application and a deeper understanding. These challenges are meant to inspire and propel you towards fostering a proactive approach to civic engagement.

Feedback Forums: This course places emphasis on learning through shared stories. There will be opportunity to relive experiences, navigate challenges, and celebrate milestones with the group.

Course Outcome: As the course concludes, you will be more than just informed; you'll be an empowered citizen ready to engage, influence, and inspire with confidence and authority. Dive in and let your voice be heard!


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