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Reconnect With Canada: a Five-Week Civics Refresher - Fall 2024 - dates TBD

Reconnect With Canada: a Five-Week Civics Refresher - Fall 2024 - dates TBD

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Reconnect with Canada: A Five-Week Civics Refresher 

Course Overview:

Embark on an exploration of Canadian civics! Over five weeks, immerse yourself in the intricacies of Canadian politics, governance, judiciary and the power of participation. By the end, you'll be inspired and ready to contribute meaningfully to Canada's dynamic democratic processes. Stay tuned for special guest instructors!

Starts: 6-7:30pm MST - Classes will run online once per week for 5 weeks. *replays will be made available*

Week 1: History and Foundations of Canadian Democracy - Special Guest, The Honourable Brian Peckford

  • Objective: Explore the bedrock of Canadian democracy and its historical evolution. Get a better understanding of your rights and civic responsibilities.
  • Outline: Navigate from the British North America Act to the Constitution Act and the revered Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Unravel the intricacies of Canadian Federalism, dissect roles across governmental tiers, and understand the broader political panorama. Learn about some of your basic rights. Recognize the breadth of civic engagement and its significance for a thriving democracy.
  • Class Prep: Constitution of Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Week 2: Deep Dive into the Charter - Special Guest, TBD

  • Objective: Understand the Charter, how it creates a unique framework for rights and how it is meant to be ‘the supreme law of the land.’
  • Outline: Immerse into the Charter, understanding the rights and freedoms it is meant to protect. Explore landmark legal cases that challenged and fortified these Charter right like: Oakes, Morgentaler and Gladue cases.
  • Bonus Reading: Go to Canlii website and find Oaks, Morgentaler and Gladue Cases

Week 3: Governance and the Division of Powers - Special Guest, former MP Gerry Ritz

  • Objective: Decode the dynamics of governance in Canada and the different power across governance layers. 
  • Outline: Clarify the roles and responsibilities of MPs, MPPs/MLAs, and Councillors, trace the journey from policy to law, and delve into Canada's first-past-the-post electoral system.
  • Class Prep: Distribution of Powers | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Week 4: Judiciary and Legal System in Canada - Special Guest Umar Sheikh

  • Objective: Study the role the judiciary plays in upholding democracy and understand the different levels of court.
  • Outline: Examine the structure of Canada’s judiciary, appointment of judges, difference between common law and civil law, spotlight foundational legal concepts like: precedent, mootness (Ben Naoum Case) and ultra vires (Roncarcelli and Ingram Case).
  • Class prep: Go to Canlii website and read cases above.

    Week 5: The Heart of Civic Engagement and Current Topics - Special Guest TBD

    • Objective: Recognize the importance of civic involvement and the role beyond the ballot box. Equip yourself with actionable steps for meaningful civic engagement.
    • Outline: Review the importance of voting, community engagement, importance of local politics and grassroots involvement. Conclude with introspective reflections and discussion of personal action plans.
    • Class prep: Draft your personal civic action plan and commitment.

    Why Every Canadian Should Take this Workshop:

    Every aspect of our daily lives, from the roads we travel to the freedoms we cherish, is influenced by civic structures and decisions. Engaging with these processes isn’t just a right; it’s a privilege and a responsibility. By understanding our nation's structure, history, and the challenges ahead, we become more than just residents; we evolve into stewards of Canada’s future.

    Our vibrant community awaits you! Engage in lively discussions, collaborate on initiatives, and form bonds that transcend this course.

    Join us as we rediscover Canada – not just as a nation, but as an idea, a vision, and a promise. 🍁🗳️


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